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Following the forum software upgrade, we've restored the Supporting Membership options. Using the link in the navigation bar, you can choose from 1 of 4 membership levels. Each level brings some minor perks in site use and customization, but the main object is to support our community. As we add more and more of our special features back, the supporting membership levels will have more to offer.

Aside from changes to the pricing and the terms, we've added "Lifetime VIP" option as well, which will always carry the best member perks as they become available.

We've also removed the recurring options. It is my personal opinion that some people didn't appreciate unexpected recurring costs that they may have forgotten about, and it is an inconvenience to have to request a refund from us or suffer the results of over-drafting a payment method or account.

As always, we genuinely appreciate each and every contributing member, whether it is a content contribution or financial.

Thank you!

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