For Sale SVP Mini-Phantom with COLORED lenses - MUST SEE


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1- Signal VP Mini-Phantom: Comes with all lenses shown including TWO amber and TWO purple plus one clear. LEDs are clear beneath the lenses. These are the only colors that SVP offered for lenses. Full plug with pattern switch, no brackets. COOL! $160 shipped

I am always open to any offers and trades for vintage rotating beacons (that I don't already have).

I accept PayPal payments only (and only ship after payment has cleared). All prices include shipping with tracking to the USA. I do not currently ship internationally. I request prompt payment as a courtesy to other members who may be interested.

Please ask all and any questions before buying and submit offers via PM. All items are used and therefore to not come with any warranty or guarantee. I do my best to describe the conditions of items. I will mark an item as SOLD or SPF (sold pending funds) as soon as possible.




I know a guy in florida whod buy it...
Not to hijack your thread, but didn't he get locked up once again recently?

On topic - This is a really interesting light. The fact that they use clear LED's behind colored lenses is questionable at best. Most manufacturers strictly state NOT to do it. It cuts the LED output significantly, sometimes as much as 65% or more. Probably why they only released amber, clear, and purple lenses with them.

Great for a collectiion. Sorry again for the hijack.

Jarred J.

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Multiple youtube channels following his progress but hes in the clink until at least may 10

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