Swissphone RE729 Pager

May 22, 2010
Bauxite Arkansas
Bought a Swissphone RE729 pager last year and so far it has performed very well. The pager is small but seems to be well built and very rugged. Before I got the leather case for my belt, it was dropped a couple of times and had no problems. The edge has some sort of rubber liner around it, seems to cushion it from drops etc. It is a bit tricky to get used to as far as the buttons and menu goes, but once you figure it out, there's nothing to it. It is very customizable, even going so far as to make it one button operation, like the old keynote pagers. It runs on a single AA alkaline or regchargable battery and the pager & charger recognize this and even if you put it in the charger with an alkaline battery, it will not attempt to charge it. It has up to 50 addresses available as well. I work two jobs, as well as my volunteer department and Im able to change to whichever location Im at on that particular day: Fire station 1, 2, 3, or 4... Medic 1, 2, 3, or 4 when Im at the ambulance, and finally my volunteer department. I can litterally wear this pager 24/7 and always be able to be paged. This pager has proven VERY useful in that area. The voice storage is I believe 4 or 8 minutes long, and it will generally hold a weeks worth of calls in the storage. I can hit playback, and it will go and go and go. So far the ONLY problem I've had is the charger cord. Moving from fire station to station, ambulance station to ambulance station, and home the cord had been wound up so many times that the end broke. I've solved that problem with two chargers. One for the house and one for the fire house. Price is VERY comparable to the Minitor 5's and I believe it to be a superior product. If anyone has any questions, or would like additional pics, just let me know.



May 22, 2010
Bauxite Arkansas
Still working GREAT. Love the capability to change channels depending on where Im at for the day. Have had ZERO problems so far. Be sure & get the leather case. Protects the pager very well. We are on the 155 range.



Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
As I know nothing of these pagers, does it have a vibrate option? How loud is it when it beeps? McAlmont is looking to get away from the Motorola 5s due to high failure rate. Also, are these pagers compliant with the 2013 rebanding coming up?
May 22, 2010
Bauxite Arkansas
They have several options actually. Vibrate only, Tone Only, tone & vibrate, silent. Pretty loud and vibrates well enought to know its there. Call Lisa at Bates Sales & Service in Mt. Ida. They can actually program one up for you and let you demo it for a couple of weeks to see how you like it. And yes it is 2013 compliant.



Oct 7, 2010
Middle Tennessee
I demo'd one of these earlier this year for a month. My department uses Minitor 4 & 5. I found that much like the OP said, it is very easy to use once you figure it out, has a few more buttons than the Moto products we're used to, but I liked the fact that it has a display and showed me what time the call was paged, and how long it had been. Very helpful if you're in another room and you walk in to notice there has been a call, but don't know if you still need to go. The volume, IMO, isn't quite as loud as the Minitor, but is adequate for getting your attention. The vibrate and silent features are great also. All of the alerting options you can program via the buttons on the pager, no need to have a programming cradle and software, however you can buy those from swissfone also if you want to add more frequencies, etc. Overall I was very impressed with the pager, but I had to return it as I didn't have the money to purchase it at the time.


New Member
Jun 28, 2011
United States, Indiana
I am curious as to how you think the paging volume compares to the Minitor5? Our department is looking at new pagers and have considered the Swissphone but we want something that will wake our guys up in the middle of the night since we are a volunteer department. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

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