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Discussion in 'General Information' started by JazzDad, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Sorry I didn't get a photo. Please picture a polyethylene tank enclosed in diamond plate. There are oval cutouts in the diamond plate revealing the side of that poly tank. These ovals are supposed to be for assessing the water level in the tank. Supposed to be. You can't see the water level except in very rare circumstances. We thought of placing a fiber optic light in the tank to help show the water level, but this would be difficult to pull off.

    Anybody have an idea?
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  2. dmathieu

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    Whelen's Strip Lite tank level light?
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  4. Skippy

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    is there a gap between the diamond plate and is the polyethylene tank translucent? Could you illuminate with an LED striplight from the other side through the tank?
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  6. JazzDad

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    No room really between the tank and diamond plate. That would be a great way to get that level to show, though.

    We have a tube gauge on one our tenders, but don't want to drill into the poly tank on this apparatus at this point.

    That Whelen product? Eh, I'd want to order it with a flash pattern. Actually, it requires some sensors or sender unit.

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