temporary mounting


May 28, 2010
Ocean County, NJ
I have a dual predator that i'm going to be temporarily using over the next few months. I do not have the suction cup mount for it and i'm looking to find a way to mount it to the dash.

The vehicle is leased so i'd like to avoid anything that will mark the dash. I have the heavy duty velcro but it has thefoam backing and from previous experience the foam break off when removing it.

The dash area is flat so velcro would work on the bottom but i just don't want something that will leave a mark. i was thinking about the clear adhesive velcro but i'm not sure if it will leave any mark.

any ideas??


May 23, 2010
usa, california
1 buy 3m velcro with adheasive tape backing and use that instead of the foam 2 sided tape stuff.

if your dash is flat buy a large gum rubber cell phone keeper and hot glue the light to that. that will create a large tacky gum like bearing surface that should keep the light in place. 3m double stick tape will work too.

armorall takes adheasive off your dash too


May 21, 2010
aj9j said:
just an idea. in my ford f 150 and when i drove my chevy corsica, i held a code 3 dual head strobe on the dash using a little bungie strap. i hooked the end in the defroster vents and it pulled the light up tight to the window, . so here is a possible way to mount without leaving a mark.
simular to these. http://www.amazon.com/Highland-90510-Mi ... B000E7UIX8

Back about 20 years ago, I had a dash light that came with a small bungie to secure it, It might have been a SVP light..

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