The Firebug


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Oct 28, 2010
Well, if you can find the one and only one ever build good luck. Here's the full story on the awesome Firebug...

Built in the mid 70’s, designed by George Barris built by Dick Dean the Fire Bug went through a variety of skillful and imaginative customizing work. The front cowl was chopped down and a V windshield was installed, flanked by dual spotlights. The grille moved forward 4 inches utilizes a Continental radiator with one inch grille bars. An original Mack Truck bull emblem with two American Flags behind it sits atop the grille. After cutting down the front bumper and adding vertical bumper guards, the word “Mack” from Mack Truck was stamped in the center. Floating style headlights are from a Pierce Arrow. Side directional lights were chrome plated. Original fire sirens were designed to fit onto side truck-type chrome plated mirror mounts. A bar atop the windshield houses two antique flashing red lights flanking a KC road light and the words “Fire Chief” in the center along with chrome plated air horns. Fenders were taken from a trailer accessory item and chrome plated and flanged to fit between the front and rear wheels. Steel running boards were also chrome plated. Wheels are Appliance deep dish slotted mags of polished steel and chrome plated. Formula 1 Super Stock tires give the Fire Bug a sporty look. Dual tires are in the rear utilizing an adapter attached to the inner wheel and to the rear end drive train. The engine is a stock ‘70 Bus powerplant.

Replacing the area originally occupied by the van’s roof is an all oak adjustable ladder attached to a steel stand that has been sand blasted and plated with a dull finish. At the rear is an antique hose reel with an adjustable fire nozzle. There’s also an extended bucket seat with a rear steering wheel to simulate a ladder truck. Taillights are from an old fire truck. The rear bumper has been extended and chrome plated. Accessories, all original fire equipment, include fire bellows, chrome plated hatches and hammers, chromed stainless fire extinguishers, and antique brass fire bell. Interior features include a Model T steering wheel, four bucket seats upholstered in a red vinyl wet look with flames of red Acrilan fur. There is a 10 gallon Moon gas tank and a 100 gallon water tank with caps on chains.

40 coats of Kandy red acrylic lacquer sprayed over a brushed coarse powdered gold underbase. Flames were painted in multi-colored oranges, yellow, purples and reds. Bob Bond did the pinstriping.
May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
Holy Crap!!! I wasn't expecting this to be a "full-sized" vehicle... I thought this was a kid sized toy type vehicle... The cool factor just sky-rocketed!!!

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