The rest of the junk I picked up

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So to wrap what I pulled back from my OH/Western PA trip.

I present the rest of the crap..

Lets start with the crap.. ;)


Edge 9000 looks to be mostly complete, I'll clean it up and part it out. If you need something here you see let me know.


Star Interceptor bars? I think. Don't know anything about them, they do work but could use a bath. Again if you have a use for them PM me.


AeroDynic RWL.. sealed beam version, probably the only bar in this lot I plan on keeping.

jerrdan jetstream.jpg

Jer-Dan, Jerr-Dan? Whatever wrecker jetstream.. Funny thing is I just finished one of these and have the parts to repair or complete this one.


MX7000 appears to be clear with amber barrel filters.. does have a TA on the back.

Now the Truck is cleaned out and the Mrs can stop her nagging.

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