Tokyo POTUS Motorcade = Interesting Lighting


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That Chevy van with the two beacons (2:59) seems to actually be Japanese property, I saw it in a video of a UK motorcade as well.


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Go go Gadget lightbar. I actually thought about that for my car only not a single rotator. It would have had to be a thin LED. Never got past wishful thinking. That and the large amount of space it would have taken where the cage is plus a lot of cutting up the roof.

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Ehhh monster garage already did it when they flipped an edge bar on a limo...


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Ehhh monster garage already did it when they flipped an edge bar on a limo...
Original light flippers, LOL

The big dude Wink working on the Edge from their freebie haul earlier in the episode


I know most of you already know this, but keep in mind the Cadillac presidential limousines along with the vehicles the USSS travel in are airlifted in on a C-130 when the president flies into the country. The host country is then responsible for providing vehicles that provide additional support when the vehicle is traveling in the country it's in. Of course you're going to see Japanese vehicles mixed in with the American ones. Why "the Beast" is plated with a Japanese tag, however, I don't know.

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C130? Nope.. c5 or c17


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all the amarican vehicles have special blue plates including the beast (its actually a 7500 series gmc topkick truck chasis same as would be in a uhaul truck) those blue plates are embassy plates the secret service takes their vehicles along as well as the beast each country has special embassy plates for the vehicles from other countries leaders bring with them these vehicles how ever arent permitted to roam free they are required to have a police escort when they travel

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