Tri- Color (Green/Amber/White) Manfactures?


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Hello I’m wanting to set up my personal vehicle for unarmed security. I have a 2000 Ford Excursion Limited 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel 4x4 in Oxford White & Pueblo Gold “Yuki”. In Oklahoma we’re only allowed certain colors for securities which is annoying because nowadays I see construction vehicles with red and blue on them. Not to mention tow trucks. But security is on my allowed Green/Amber/White. So far the only manufacture I found that can make a trio in that color is sound off. I was wondering if there’s any other companies. Particularly for Hideaway inserts. I’m going to be adding some Non-visible lights to my vehicle. For the roof I’m going with some cab clearance light made by atomic LED at flash Amber. I’m also changing out my headlights and front turn signal‘s for euro style which just is clear lenses. My truck and come my fog lights I’m gonna pick up a factory style replacement caulk light. But I’m going to add a second row of them as well a single row. And I was going to make them into flashing lights as well. As for the tail light Excursion uses the E series van tail lights. And those tail lights have a space on the upper part that isn’t used by any mold at all. Reflectors there but it’s a dummy reflector inside the wind. So I thought I could pop in to Hideaway there and read. And in the reverse lights I would pop them in as a white. You’re not front front turn signals would be hopefully and green Amber and white. Headlights and pop and some as white. And then in the fog lights I’ll add on I’m hoping forGreen/Amber/White.

so my question is does anyone know of a company that makes Green/Amber/White insert. So far all I’ve been able to find is dual colors in those. I’m practically everyone makes those in Amber/White.



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Guess I Should of mentioned the other area besides inserts I’m planning. A universal spit windshield light bar. A rear warning bar with a separate Traffic Adviser for my rear hatch window. some universal sick bars for my rear quarter windows. Rocker panel bars, under mirror lights. Surface mounts on brackets in grill & tag/plates. as well as the inserts. Not going roof bar for a ofroad led bar on a cargo basket but its far enough back that the atomic led clearnc lights will work. Pluse almous invisible setup when off. Is my personal vehicle too.

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