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    Thank you for visiting my store! I sell mostly vintage but some newer items as well. These were from my storage closet and I have not put effort in to refurbing these and don't have time to do so. I am always open to any offers and trades for vintage rotating beacons (that I don't already have).

    I accept PayPal payments only (and only ship after payment has cleared). All prices include shipping with tracking to the USA. I do not currently ship internationally. I request prompt payment as a courtesy to other members who may be interested.

    Please ask all and any questions before buying and submit offers via PM. All items are used and therefore to not come with any warranty or guarantee. I do my best to describe the conditions of items. I will mark an item as SOLD or SPF (sold pending funds) as soon as possible.

    1-Whelen Guardian: Nice used condition, factory cig plug, factory padded base and four magnets! Lots of life left in this light. $100 shipped obo!

    1-Code 3 mini LP: Nice used condition, two rotators and no mirror, factory length cig plug and magnets. $80 shipped obo!

    3-911ep Galaxy lightbars: Two are all red front, red/blue/amber rear and one is red/blue front with red/blue/amber to the rear. The red/blue (bar #3) to the front has the rare SPLIT center head that doesn't flash together but as a split unit. That bar needs an alley light bulb replaced. One red/red to the front bar (bar #1) is working 100% the other needs an alley light bulb replaced and has one front module that 1/2 of it appears dim (bar #2). Videos are in order, prices: bar #1 red/red $200 shipped // bar #2 red/red SOLD! // bar #3 red/blue $225 shipped.

    1- McDonald & Arneson model M: untested, but looks like it needs work. Dome does have some large cracks, but the dome is in one piece. Base needs polish. Nice legible tag. I do have replacement pencil-flashers should they be needed. $125 shipped.

    1-Pair of Whelen Micro Max-Beam pedestal mount strobes: Appear like new as they have never had a plug installed over the prongs. These are untested but come with the original factory length cables. $55 shipped for the pair.

    1- Federal Signal Sentry: 1 Clear with red filter (or I have an amber dome to swap out for either). It works, has short wires, but displays nicely. Sold!

    1- Code 3 AS1's: All are red, all work, all have appx. 6inches of cable. When power is applied they steadyburn, so a flasher would be needed. $20 shipped per light, four sold, one left!
    2- Code 3 AS2's: Both are red/blue, both work and have around 2 feet of wire, these steadyburn, but each color is separately triggered. $SOLD!
    1-Dietz Omni-Sound siren amp: Works well! Looks great! Microphone and bracket included. Sold to BIGD!
    1- Federal Signal PA-15 Director siren amp: Works well and looks great! Microphone and bracket included SOLD to BIGD!.
    1-Tripp Lite Highball: 6 volts, minor tarnish on the chrome that I would guess will polish nicely with some steel wool and elbow grease. Rotates under power, but it needs a new bulb. Comes complete with the base, short wires, and used plastic dome that will also need to be polished but is free from any cracking. $SOLD!.
    1-New Tech Inc. Lightstorm mini-lightbar, triple rotator: As with most of their surviving bars, the endcaps have some cracking, the front plexi needs replacing or a good polishing. No mounting feet, short wires. $SOLD!
    1-Whelen Liberty: DOM believed to be 06/2006 (marked on an alley light). Red/blue with amber traffic advisor. Appx. 7 feet of cable and mounting feet included. Halogen take downs and alley lights. One front light head and one rear light head have 2 LEDs out. No special controller required! All LED head pairs have individual trigger wires and are able to have unique patterns without needing a PC to program. $SOLD!
    1-Federal Signal Legend LPX: FULL LED lightbar completed with LED Takedowns and Alleys, red/blue with amber rear traffic advisor. Appx. 7 feet of cable and mounting feet included. Also includes the required serial interface module to use the bar! Great used bar with lots of life left. SOLD to Quentin!

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  2. tsquale

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    1-TriLite ST1F Strobe: 24volt, does not work as is. Unknown if it needs a bulb or what. Appears complete. Used amber dome. $65 shipped.


    1- Code 3 Deckblaster strobe: used, works well, full length cig plug, blue/white only. $35 shipped.

    1- Code 3 Deckblaster boot: NOS out of package, cut to size or leave as is. Meant to be cut to angle of rear deck window and prevent flashback. $20 shipped or $5 if bought with Deckblaster above!

    1- 3M Opticom: Very early model that was originally mounted on a S&W bar. Came from a working environment, but I do not have the ability to test it. Strobe tube appears good. Comes with mounting bracket. $50 shipped!

    1- Tripp Lite MV-2: 12v, Amber, long cable but no plug. $40 shipped.

    1-Carpenter Masterlight SOLD
    1-Federal Signal MML SOLD
    1- Code 3 550 beacon: Blue, works, one INCH or less of wire extending from the base. $SOLD
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    2- Grote (?) Beacon bases with motors: untested. $50 shipped each.

    1- Federal Signal Beacon Ray tray with motor: untested, partially parted out motor and bulb assembly are all the remains. $make offer.


    3- Do Ray 3250 Beacons: all work and have three magnets- 1 red with full cig plug, 1 blue with short wire and dome that needs some polish, and 1 amber with full cig plug and a dome with chips missing and cracks. $30 each shipped or all three for $75 shipped!


    1- Federal Signal Twinsonic 12x Mirror: used, some rust, see photo. $25 shipped.

    1- Federal Signal Twinsonic 12 Mirror: used, looks nice. $25 shipped.

    2- Federal Signal Twinsonic rotator assemblies: used, see photos.$30 shipped each or $50 for the pair!

    1- Federal Signal Twinsonic fullsize grill: nice used condition.$40 shipped.

    1- Whelen PCCS9 switchbox: works but in rough condition, cracks on trim etc. SOLD.
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  4. tsquale

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    2- 911ep Millennium CID boxes: tested and functional $75 shipped each.

    2- Sho Me Stealth / Lightstorm inner domes: 1 amber and 1 green/amber split: $25 shipped for green/amber, $15 shipped for amber or $30 shipped for both!

    1- Griffin double steadyburn light: red on both sides, one appears to be a darker red, needs bulbs and wiring redone. $75 shipped.

    2- Tomar Heliobe endcaps: some minor cracking that can be repaired. $35 shipped for both!

    2- Tomar Heliobe mounting feet: nice condition. Photo below with box of LEDs. $35 shipped for both!

    Lot- Tomar Heliobe LEDs: Full inner guts and LEDs for blue/white front and blue amber rear, wiring, flashers and all. Worked when removed. $75 shipped for all!

    1- Whelen 80series dome: clear, needs polishing and maybe some wetsanding. $80 shipped.

    2- Mars Spectra System domes: clear with rear painted black, no cracks. $125 shipped for both!

    1- Code 3 XL dome: red, nice used condition, some scratches, no cracks. $50 shipped.

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  5. tsquale

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    Reserved: Strobe beacon domes, Aerodynic mounting feet, Code 3 XS8000 parts and domes, Federal Signal TS100 speaker, Code 3 360 parts, Whelen PAR36 housings, and more to be added when I have time.

    Make me offers on any or all of it!
  6. tsquale

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    Highball and Lightstorm sold! Thanks Elliot!
  7. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    Sirens sold to Derek! Thank you
  8. ff168577

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  9. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    Full size
  10. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    MML Sold
  11. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    Master light sold! Thanks guys!
  12. tsquale

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    Sold items removed. Lightbars added to top post: Liberty, Legend, and THREE Galaxies! WOW!
  13. bigoldealmaster

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    Whats the best you can do for the micro max lights?
  14. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    Pm sent
  15. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    Galaxy bar #2 SOLD and 4 AS1s are sold! Thank you
  16. Mtrhd329

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    Interested in pccs9. Whats the best you can do shipped to 92114?
  17. tsquale

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    That's the best I can do. Shipping will run $13 and change
  18. tsquale

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    PCCS9 and Liberty Lightbar sold! THANK YOU!

    Many more great deals to be had! Make an offer or propose a trade!
  19. tsquale

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    Beacon Ray base parted out. Motor and bulb assembly remain. The rest was sold
  20. tsquale

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    Last AS1 has sold!
  21. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    Several great items left
  22. tsquale

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    Federal Signal Legend LPX SOLD!

    Whelen Guardian and Code 3 LP mini lightbars added!

    Make me an offer on anything?!
  23. tsquale

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    Sentry is sold! Thanks Ryan!
  24. tsquale

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    Many prices LOWERED!

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