tsquale's closet clean out! 7/3/2019



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TONS of lights added to the first post. Prices reduced on the others. Also have an untested fyr fyter siren (kinda rough) that I will sell if anyone is looking for one.


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Do you have any pics of the galaxy bar
Sold list

2- Sho Me Stealth / Lightstorm inner domes: 1 amber and 1 green/amber split: $25 shipped for green/amber, $15 shipped for amber or $30 shipped for both! SOLD!
2- Tomar Heliobe endcaps: some minor cracking that can be repaired. $35 shipped for both!
2- Tomar Heliobe mounting feet: nice condition. Photo below with box of LEDs. $35 shipped for both!
Lot- Tomar Heliobe LEDs: Full inner guts and LEDs for blue/white front and blue amber rear, wiring, flashers and all. Worked when removed. $SOLD
1- Whelen 80series dome: clear, needs polishing and maybe some wetsanding. $SOLD shipped.

1- Code 3 AS1's: All are red, all work, all have appx. 6inches of cable. When power is applied they steadyburn, so a flasher would be needed. $20 shipped per light, four sold, one left!
2- Code 3 AS2's: Both are red/blue, both work and have around 2 feet of wire, these steadyburn, but each color is separately triggered. $SOLD!
1-Dietz Omni-Sound siren amp: Works well! Looks great! Microphone and bracket included. Sold to BIGD!
1- Federal Signal PA-15 Director siren amp: Works well and looks great! Microphone and bracket included SOLD to BIGD!.
1- Federal Signal Twinsonic 12x Mirror: used, some rust, see photo. $25 shipped.
1- Federal Signal Twinsonic 12 Mirror: used, looks nice. $25 shipped.
2- Federal Signal Twinsonic rotator assemblies: used, see photos.$30 shipped each or $50 for the pair!
1- Federal Signal Twinsonic fullsize grill: nice used condition.$40 shipped.
2- Grote (?) Beacon bases with motors: untested. $50 shipped each.
1- Federal Signal Beacon Ray tray with motor: untested, partially parted out motor and bulb assembly are all the remains. $make offer.
1- Whelen PCCS9 switchbox: works but in rough condition, cracks on trim etc. SOLD.
1-Tripp Lite Highball: 6 volts, minor tarnish on the chrome that I would guess will polish nicely with some steel wool and elbow grease. Rotates under power, but it needs a new bulb. Comes complete with the base, short wires, and used plastic dome that will also need to be polished but is free from any cracking. $SOLD!.
1-New Tech Inc. Lightstorm mini-lightbar, triple rotator: As with most of their surviving bars, the endcaps have some cracking, the front plexi needs replacing or a good polishing. No mounting feet, short wires. $SOLD!
1-Whelen Liberty: DOM believed to be 06/2006 (marked on an alley light). Red/blue with amber traffic advisor. Appx. 7 feet of cable and mounting feet included. Halogen take downs and alley lights. One front light head and one rear light head have 2 LEDs out. No special controller required! All LED head pairs have individual trigger wires and are able to have unique patterns without needing a PC to program. $SOLD!
1-Federal Signal Legend LPX: FULL LED lightbar completed with LED Takedowns and Alleys, red/blue with amber rear traffic advisor. Appx. 7 feet of cable and mounting feet included. Also includes the required serial interface module to use the bar! Great used bar with lots of life left. SOLD to Quentin!
3-911ep Galaxy lightbars: Two are all red front, red/blue/amber rear and one is red/blue front with red/blue/amber to the rear. The red/blue (bar #3) to the front has the rare SPLIT center head that doesn't flash together but as a split unit. That bar needs an alley light bulb replaced. One red/red to the front bar (bar #1) is working 100% the other needs an alley light bulb replaced and has one front module that 1/2 of it appears dim (bar #2). Videos are in order, prices: bar #1 red/red $SOLD // bar #2 red/red SOLD! // bar #3 red/blue $SOLD.
1-Carpenter Masterlight SOLD
1-Federal Signal MML SOLD
1-Pair of Whelen Micro Max-Beam pedestal mount strobes: Appear like new as they have never had a plug installed over the prongs. These are untested but come with the original factory length cables. $SOLD.
1- Federal Signal Sentry: 1 Clear with red filter (or I have an amber dome to swap out for either). It works, has short wires, but displays nicely. Sold!
1- 3M Opticom: Very early model that was originally mounted on a S&W bar. Came from a working environment, but I do not have the ability to test it. Strobe tube appears good. Comes with mounting bracket.
1- Code 3 550 beacon: Blue, works, one INCH or less of wire extending from the base. $SOLD
1-Code 3 mini LP: Nice used condition, two rotators and no mirror, factory length cig plug and magnets. $SOLD!

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