Tulsa Fire, Engine 17 (cool flash pattern!)


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I'm surprised to have not seen a flash pattern like this before. Maybe it's only possible on a bar that wide. I dislike the blending of colors on the bar and on the individual light-heads. Love red/blue. Just not the intermingling of the two colors so close together.



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Its a pretty common patturn for whelens low current bars my 49" and 54" liberty bars do it in the back (front wont because takedowns lol) its not as pronounced as that monster length freedom but it still does it I like the low current patturn wecan bars can do it too wish it was more configurable to time the heads though lol


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See that's why I change what's attached to where, I do eye catching pattern setups even if I have to change what heads flashing, the front is opposite the backs so you can see it not this silly one whole side flashes or strobes at the same time, and the colors need to oppose each other say you have a red/blue bar with flashing takedowns and rears, not knowing what color is where it would be drivers front corner a far right forward light and the left takedown and then opposite side the same while the backs are passenger side corner driver's side rear and center right flasher this way left and right sides are looking like front to back but it's almost a full rotating around the bar pattern if you watch it going clockwise. Effective down here I've gotten compliments from officers.

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