For Sale TwinSonic (x3), Aerodynic, MX700, JetSonic

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Found on facebook:

For sale: 3 TwinSonic light bars, one Aerodynic, 2 code 3 MX7000 bars, one Jetsonic.
The 3 Twinsonic bars are completely functional and were displayed in my game room functioning!
Twin sonic bars are: Model 12, 12X , and 12EF
The Aerodynic is fairly nice but untested.
Jetsonic is needs a good cleaning and is untested.
Code 3 bars were fully functional when removed by local police agency. One is missing a rotator.Robbed to fix one in tow truck at work.
Located Chestertown md.
Jay 443 480 3342
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I Believe the Jetsonic is actually a JetStream as it lacks the Center Speaker horn and has the Center Light instead....


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better or worse no issue just thought id comment, was a great rotator bar for our Highway Patrol in florida as well as some security companies used them....

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Nice little collection.. I have a contact about an hour away.. Is this your sale?
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