Upgrading my lighting, suggestions


May 23, 2010
Virginia, USA
Hi y'all! I'm looking to add more red to the front of my vehicle (98 Explorer) but I'm undecided on how I want to do it. Right now I have a dual talon and two TIR6s in the grille. I've thought about getting another red dual talon and mounting them both on the top of the windshield, and I've also thought about getting an Inner Edge setup, but they're prohibitively expensive and don't have the patterns I want (I like the quasi randomness that the flashers in the real lightbars have---Phase B is it?) . I then considered modifying a pair of D4 Dominators, mounting them at the top of my windshield and somehow hooking them [cleanly] to a ULF44. I'd have to custom fab brackets for anything mounted to my visors. So many options!

I've thought about just selling some of my stuff off and installing a Liberty, but I don't know if I really want to have a bar on my truck. I already get a lot of questions when people see the lights on my trucklet.

I know y'all are a creative bunch, so any ideas for additional forward lighting would be greatly appreciated.


Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
There was a video a while back on youtube that I can't find now, but it was a Ford Explorer that was the same body/year style as yours. The owner had three dual talons across the top of the windshield and it was very effective IMO. With the cost of used dual talons now, you could probably add another dual talon or even two to get the inner lightbar effect. Depending on patterns, you could make it look pretty nice, so long as you're not overly concerned about sync.

I think the addition of an extra dual talon or even two along with your TIR6s in the grille will look very nice. You could always toss in a HLF, too, if both of the TIR6s are any color aside from white.

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