Vector LED projects ULF44 vs sound off etffc12led


Dec 17, 2010
Mansfield, PA
I am new to this site and have just completed a lightbar project. I converted a Vecto to LED by using Cuda heads. I purchased a raydian cuda and placed the heads in the vector pods. I also used the raydian hot feet for mounting. I was able to place the raydian control head in the vector and used a federal control head for controls. I will post some pictures and video when I am able.

I am starting a new project for my son. I purchased vector led solaris units from ebay and would like to mount them on another non working vector. My question is what flasher should i use and how to control the paterns. I will be mounting 18-20 of the 6 light solaris units. I have looked at the ULF44 and the sound off etffc12led. The ULF has 4 chanels. Not sure what the sound off is. Dose anyone have sugestions? I have seen the paterns for the ULF on Youtube but can not find a video of the soundoff. Any help would be appreciated.


Here are several photos. Sorry for the dirt. It has not been above frezing for several weeks. As you can see I also used the Raydian hot feet for attachement. The takedowns and Alley lights work and also can be used as flashers. I used a SM2000 for the controller for the vector and the Cuda arrow.

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May 20, 2010
Hartford County, CT
I've used both ULF44s and the SOI ETFFCØ6LED flashers. I just read a little on the 12 output SOI flasher and it functions very similar to the 6 output flasher I have. I would say go with whatever flasher you prefer because they are both solid units.

The ULF44 has 4 outputs and is an all or nothing flasher. It has a 2nd mode so you can have two different flash patterns. It has the ability to sync though so if you went with more than one, the overall flash pattern wouldn't necessarily be pure chaos (you'd have some control over that). It is also a very small flasher which is nice.

The ETFFC12LED has a bigger footprint but it has 12 outputs controlled by three wires to control on/off. There is no sync capability. The nice thing is the different flash patterns are controlled by different wires. Combining different wires will [potentially] give you more pattern choices on the fly. I know it isn't helpful now but I started wiring up my ETFFCØ6LED in the fall. With the use of relays it will be capable of three different flash patterns [a different one for each position on my slide switch control]. I didn't end up finishing the project because my lighting setup changed. If I have some time maybe I can finish it up and give you an idea of what the ETFFCØ6LED is capable of.


Dec 17, 2010
Mansfield, PA
I was able to post photos. Please excuse the dirty truck. I think I will use the ULF44 as many have used it and like it. I just looked at the Jet LED that was completed using the Solaris and ULF44. Any ideas on how to switch the ULF44? I may add takedowns and Alley lights if i can using another hotfoot.


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