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Yuck, did Deer Grove put a KO lightbar on the roof of their NGPI Utility after having the decency to buy some M7’s??

I’ve seen Wheeled Coach’s new “lightbar” in action, and I’m really not impressed with that or the other “low profile” options that then and some of the other guys like Road Rescue and Horton are offering (ie drip & rub rail lighting, rear chevron lighting, etc). Compared to larger surface mounts like the M-series, I don’t like the smaller footprints of these lighting options, and the off-axis visibility isn’t impressive (the chevron lighting sucks)

I’m really digging depts going with the black Line-X lately. I do love the look of chrome on trucks (the Q siren, grill, and rims in particular) but I like depts that are mixing it up by adding the black Line-X on the surfaces. The only time I’m not a huge fan of the look is when depts do the full blackout package, where everything from the rims to the sirens are black

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