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Skip Goulet

Passed Away
Hi John: Guess you've noticed I've been away from here for a while. Spent 3 weeks in hospital last Apr. and don't get online all that much except on FB a bit. Just curious to know if Sireno ever published a catalog or pages on the dualtone sirens they made. I had one many years ago and I understand they were special order. I've only seen two...the one I had and one that Kevin O'Connell traded for a few years ago.


Love the F51 siren that is standing up with a snorkel and dual grill lights for $77 for behind the grill

Tony P

Support Staff
Could you repost this information, I could really use it in some research I am doing now.
It is unlikely he will. He hasn't been on in over a year now (since he transferred ownership to Jman) and hasn't responded to my requests to complete a transaction

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