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The wanted section has had a few updates in the past weeks.  Prefixes have been added for Silver level members and a parts section was added to name a few.  Perhaps the biggest news is what didn't change here.  The wanted sections were not changed to "mandatory single item per thread" like the sales side was.  The decision to not force the single format in the wanted side of things is based on why we did force it on the sales side.  The reason for single item sales posts is to track sales and feedback and facilitate easier searching.  These don't apply in the same way to the wanted section.  For similar reasons prefixes aren't as necessary and are therefor a premium feature at this time on the wanted side of things.  

Right now there seems to be no reason to change anything format wise in the wanted sections.  Users can post a list of items they want in a generic "wanted" thread, or they can post each item one at a time (and add a prefix if they are silver level).  As the site grows there may need to be changes made to the wanted sections, but for now the focus is on updating the sales side.

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