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Jarred J.

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But I have 4000 ads on my screen... Some of them half my phone screen size.. Also I have no idea how I'm running it?


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I have the same thing on my phone, and when i click the X it will disappear then reappear when im back on main screen
Same thing here, been going on for at least a day or two. You guys on android or iPhone? I think Google made a few updates over the weekend & I wonder of that's the culprit...
I have had it for a day or 2 as well. But right below an ad. The same style and scrolling ad that has been there for awhile (since last forum update?).
I have not made any changes in my settings.
I am running iPhone version 11.4

Tony P

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This is functioning as it should, and isn't a site technical issue so this is being closed.
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