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    Sirennet is the next dealer to secure their own forum section on eLightbars.

    SIRENNET.COM Inc. is a division of the McLoughlin & Eardley Group Inc. and was founded in 1995. Sirennet was the first in our industry with a full online sales store with a direct to the consumer concept. Sirennet carries numerous major brands offers complete lines of warning and non-warning related public safety equipment. Sirennet has install facilities in Oregon and Washington and a showroom in Oregon as well.

    eLightbars has been proud to refer its membership to Sirennet for many years.

    Welcome Sirennet
    John Marcson

    7800 SW Durham Rd
    Tigard, Oregon USA

    Our office hours are 11AM to 7:30PM EST Monday through Friday.
    Our showroom is open from 8:30AM to 4:00PM (PST) Monday through Friday.

    TELEPHONE: 503-670-4700
    FAX: 503-968-7050
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    Great addition to ELB!
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    welcome :)
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  5. Sirennet is great. They have some good informational videos of products and installs on youtube.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
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    Sirentnet. Thanks to your great sales people. We needed a RB6 blue dome for our fire truck to replace an amber ( yes, we have an amber LED on the truck ) and none were for sale in blue. Your folks got us one at a great price and it shipped yesterday. Thanks for the help!
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    Outstanding to see Sirennet on ELB! I'm new to warning equipment, but I always love watching your videos on YouTube. They're extremely informative for newbies such as myself. My only issue with the videos is that they tend to cause severe cases of "I WANT THAT!! Syndrome":D .
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