Whacker Technologies Instigator 8-Head LED warning stick (WLS48CC)


Dec 27, 2010
North Carolina
Whacker Technologies Instigator 8-Head LED warning stick (WLS48CC)


* Voltage: 12-24 VDC

* 4 LEDs per head

* Max Current Draw: 0.7 amps per head @12VDC

* Length: 42.7"

* Five year limited warranty

Ordering: Emergency City was extremely helpful and easy to access via facebook. All questions were answered promptly and fully.

Shipping: Absurdly fast. Ordered December 26th, shipped December 29. Despite a blizzard that shut everything down, the holidays, and a custom color combination, the lightbar arrived 7 days after I ordered it. Had it not been for the holidays and snowstorm, I suspect that it would have been delivered in only 3-4 days.

Packaging: Adequate, however I would like to see safer/sturdier packaging to insure such a large and heavy light stick arrives safely without being bumped around too much. This is not a problem per se, just my suggestion for improvement.

Initial impressions: I sincerely hope that its sturdiness points to its overall quality. There are some minor (and I stress *minor*) imperfections in the aluminum housing (such as tiny nicks in the paint that you have to look closely to find), but this is of no consequence to me. For interior use, I would say it seems overbuilt. I did not expect it to be so substantial in weight or size even knowing what the technical specs were. For exterior use it seems that it would be more than adequate, provided that the claims of it being waterproof are true.

Cord length: If an end-used intends to use this with the lighter plug, the cord is simply too short. For hard-wiring the unit (which I think is far more realistic for thir particular product) this isn't a problem since it can easily be extended.

Hardware: Basic/adequate enough for most basic applications.

Flash patterns: Adequate/industry standard. Plenty to keep most people happy. Effective for primary or secondary warning, front or rear placement. I prefer the mode that cycles through a few different patterns, as shown in the video below.

Brightness: In direct sunlight and in direct sunlight through 35% tint I found the bar to be surprisingly bright and effective. Off-axis warning is on par with other TIR-type LEDs. At night the light is extremely bright and effective and from a distance appears to be a full-size exterior lightbar.

Conclusion: Overall, as far as appearance and function, I would say this this is on par with similar devices from major manufacturers, but at a different price point. I intend to use it on the rear deck of a patrol car, and it is precisely what I had hoped for at an affordable price. I was extremely apprehensive when ordering it because I have never bought "off-brand" before, but I am not at all disappointed (it met or exceeded my expectations in every way). Now to see how it holds up over time and with use.


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