What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Tomar?


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Let's hear from those in the know. This will help people looking for information on which companies are trustworthy and which products are reliable.

For this discussion, we'll focus on Tomar?
I've always been fascinated by their products and their bizarre design choices (exterior lightbar stick, completely open to the elements, with the expectation water will "drain" out the gaps in the front lens holder, while the electronics are completely unsealed and exposed to the elements).

But I can't find a single decent online store to purchase their products from.

Trying to research and purchase their products is a total pain in the ass.

Do they even want to sell directly to end users?

Do they even want to be in business?
It's an interesting design.

Giant twin i beam main bar makes it stupid heavy, but a great heatsink for the led light heads.

The lightheads are interchangeable from incandescent/strobe/led.

The led optics are uniquely tomar.

And best of all, it completely ignores providing angled intersection protection to the rear, a concept federal signal would later copy with the integrity light bar.


In its day the Tomar Heliobe strobe bar was wicked and bright. The strobe modules were sealed so you could not swap out lens colors. Had a 10 year warranty. I liked the clicking noise they made. You could do Pre-emption so the front four strobes would pick up speed to make stop lights green.


I've always liked Tomar and their neobe bars. I also used to run a Tomar Police Light II, which was a terrific dash light. It seemed as though they were doing well with the transition to LEDs with their "cheerio" style optics. Though expensive, the Blade was a great and great looking lightbar with a mix of LED styles. After the scorpion came out it seemed they hit pause for a number of years. I have seen their new dual color external lights, but I am hoping that they have a new lightbar or other products out soon.


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I like tomar lights have purchased lights for a Tahoe setup on a chiefs Tahoe. Lil pricey, install is fairly easy. I recently looked at the insides of the spider ILB and its built very well and friggin bright. The scorpion lightbars are crazy bright and have awesome flash patterns. but still pricey.


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never mind I found the Blade lightbar, but I think that's pretty much it? Maybe I'm wrong but that seems like the only low-profile lightbar by Tomar.
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TOMAR sucks on every level besides brightness.

Technology, options, innovation, availability, general information on their products, are all lacking.

They recently fired their national sales manager. So maybe that'll help a little bit.

I mean when your "flagship" lightbar has crown Victoria marketing material, you know it's time to update.

We service an agency in my area and they literally have boxes of lightsheads every month being sent back for warranty. It's absolutely pathetic.
I disagree - Tomar sucks on brightness too.

When they first released the scorpion lightbar, I couldn't believe how dim their 6 led modules were.

They've made improvements, including 3 website redesigns in the past 2 years, but it still surprises me they are still in business.

Their products are expensive and hard to shop for via an online website - it's no wonder they're trying directed to consumer sales from their website now.

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