Wanted Whelen 5200 Commander Strobe Dome

Discussion in 'Wanted: Vintage and Collectible' started by Rpill95, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Rpill95

    Rpill95 Registered Member


    I'm sure this will be a hard to come by piece but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    I am looking for a good condition Whelen 5200 Strobe dome. I would prefer Red but I am open to Blue as well.

    I know they are a rare dome so I would also be open to a whole light.

    Let me know what you have.

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  2. Rpill95

    Rpill95 Registered Member

    I saw that one however the top is cracked and I would really like to find one that isn't cracked. Thanks for the link though.
  3. Rpill95

    Rpill95 Registered Member

    Bump Still looking.
  4. dakarm34

    dakarm34 Member

    I have a red one, uncracked, had it for many years, fully functional unit. I mix up the 2 kinds, mine does not have the speaker underneath. I'll take some pictures tonight when I get home around 6pm EST if you're interested in seeing it.
  5. Rpill95

    Rpill95 Registered Member

    That would be great, I appreciate it.
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  6. dakarm34

    dakarm34 Member

    It is cracked...I didn't think it was. It does have a cruise light. I understand if you're not interested.


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  7. Rpill95

    Rpill95 Registered Member

    Oh darn. I do really appreciate the offer and your time but I was hoping to find one intact. It is for a Whelen cross bar restoration I'm doing. On a side note nice bars in the background.
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  8. Crownfire

    Crownfire Member

    I have one. PM me.

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