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Just as many have asked before, I too am looking to see if someone has a fairly recent copy of Whelen CanTrol that I could download? This is the one software package that Whelen does not provide for public download, so it is not listed on their site. With no authorized installer closer than 3.5 hours from our department, I am stuck without being able to change some simple features on a cruiser. If someone would be willing to share a copy, it would be very much appreciated.


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There's nothing to download. The email that I received read as follows:

Thank you for using Software Informer.

The download link for the requested software cannot be found. We will update our database soon and let you know when CANTROL WC is available for download.
Please confirm your request to get the download link as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Software Informer Team​

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Dang..... I guess im gonna have to check with my Whelen guy here and see if he can get me the software from our Master Distributor.
it was worth a shot though!


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I contacted my dealer he is going to see if he can get it for me from his whelen office person, will advise when I know more.


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Ok my Dealer Contacted his Whelen person and they are going to see if they can email it to him for me or put it on a usb memory stick and send it to him... he will know more tommorow...


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Im ok with that, I Like to help out when i can with Something I can..... I Miss the Old Days when people at whelen knew about this stuff, they have retired or let go of so many people it sucks... in fact I just heard that there are No More Strobe lights available from Whelen, they ran out of the Hideaways 6 weeks ago, now he can only get the ones from Star ( not one of a Quality I like ) wish someone out there would make them so we could still use what we have, cant even get corner strobes anymore, one of our local fire departments had an order in for a bunch cause they dont want to change to LED or Havent got the Funds available to change out all these Bars they have on all their city vehicles... And I Agree with them.... Give Me My Strobes!!!


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Yes they advised they were sending it to my Dealer.... Where they thought he was i am not sure cause im still waiting.... Ahhh Whelen... why have they become such idiots!!


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Yeah, there product control has gone downhill. But still, no one has come close to making lights that look as good as they function. Other companies lights work great but just are just not great to look at. We are a master Whelen and just became a Sound off Dealer. And its like pulling teeth with Whelen to get or fix there software


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Most of the guys I used to be able to call over at whelen have retired or up and left the company, from the Stupid Decision to Drop all other products but the Unreliable LED;s shows me they are working on their own downfall.... Extreme prices to fix old hardware that I just got fixed Locally for A Hell of a Lot Cheaper shows me theyve turned Money Grubby for some reason... My Hardest issue will be my strobes since people are kicking prices through the roof to get rid of stuff, Unable to find Replacement Lenses I Need, Searching for the Same Color Lense Material out there that isnt Orange or Neon... UGH!

My Strobes are over 20 years old or less and OutLived my LED's! Nuff Said!

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