Whelen Ceridian Series lightbar

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    From Whelen's Facebook: "Introducing the new Ceridian™ Series Lightbar. Featuring an all-new low-profile design, the Ceridian Series is engineered for versatility and convenience. Laser etched opaque colored domes provide full customization. A multitude of options are available, including a center speaker and lighted signs. The Ceridian Series is available with SOLO™, DUO™, or TRIO™ Linear Super-LED® technology."

    FB_IMG_1508792857024.jpg FB_IMG_1508792858951.jpg FB_IMG_1508792860907.jpg FB_IMG_1508792863720.jpg FB_IMG_1508792868553.jpg FB_IMG_1508792870652.jpg FB_IMG_1508792866020.jpg
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    Just saw this on Twitter. to me looks like it's definitely marketed towards the UK market. That being said, I don't hate it, just doesn't look like a Whelen bar to me.
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    It's like a Justice and a FS Vista had a mutant baby. I hope this isn't replacing the Justice series.
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    I saw it on their Facebook feed when it was released a week or two ago @ IACP and thought the same thing about being a "UK" looking bar and sharing the style of the Justice. I think Whelen answered some questions about it in the Facebook comments, I don't think it will replace anything... it's just another economy bar. It's not all that impressive, but they claim it was redesigned from the ground up... not sure I see the innovation here.
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    I am slightly intrigued by this bar and what it may bring. The blue that is used in the UK is such a deep and unique blue. Have always liked that hue of blue. Just curious if it’s the same blue that is used in this new bar and if it will be available to the US.
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