Whelen/Code 3 Lightbar parts mixing


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May 27, 2011
Hello All, I am a huge Whelen purist, but also love the classic look and super lighting power of the Code 3 MX7000 lightbar. The only thing I don't like about the MX is the Code 3 LED's, IMO I think they are junk. So I devised a way to retro/customfit Whelens Tir3/Lin3's into the lower level of the MX. Heres how I did it....

1. Using the standard Whelen Tir3/Lin3 Single LED mounting bracket, measure (calipers work well) the distance between the center of the mounting holes on the MX lower lens (any section) and mark the measurments onto the bracket and drill matching size holes on the marks.

2. Find the wiring harness hole that is on the tall portion of the bracket, measure aprox. 2/3 of the way to the top of the hole (the OEM LED attachment points also works) and make a straight line across that whole section of the bracket. Now using the line you just made cut off the top portion of the bracket.

3. You now need to measure the LED against the new top edge of the bracket and, using the LED retaining clips, mark 2 spots matching the retaining clip locations on the bracket and drill 2 more holes matching the marks.

4. You are now ready to mount the LED into the LB, use the Code 3 appliance mounting screws to secure the bracket (with the upright portion facing the middle of the bar) to the frame/lens. Once that is done using whatever screws/bolts you have that work mount the LED to the bracket. Important!: Do not mount the LED to the bracket until the bracket is mounted in the LB, it only works the way listed above.

5. Now wire the LED as you see fit and you are ready to rock :woot:

Pictures/diagrams to follow very soon.


May 22, 2010
indiana, USA
I am the same way love whelen items but i have 4 c3 mx's ive been wanting to do a retrofit in one but never figured out how to populate the bar as i want. If you could put up pics or a vid that would be sweet. Thanks for the post

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