Whelen Edge 9000 frame polishing / cleaning


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Regarding polishing the aluminium frame (not the lenses)

I bougt an old Whelen Edge 9000 series.
The lightbar is from a Danish mid-90's police cruiser, most likely a Ford Mondeo (or later perhaps a Peugeot 406)

1: I want the frame back to something similar to the original state (untreated aluminium)
2: I want to be certain that I don't ruin the frame for instance by damaging some sort of special coating, that proofs hard/impossible to remove.
The lightbar is only intended as decoration inside, so any possible weather coating may not be neccesary.

I've searched the web thoroughly, including this board for guidance of how to make dull aluminium (aluminum) appear new again. Unfortunatly, the web only directs how to polish it so it is allmost as blank as a mirror.

Any help will be appreciated, please state if you had any experience in this particular matter, and if there are any hidden pitfalls.


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Consider removing everything from the frame and simply pressure washing it or taking it to a truck stop and having them use their acid type cleaner. You could also consider using a soft bristled metal brush (stainless steel, maybe?) and brushing in a uniform directly. It'll brighten it up, but it won't be "polished". It should end up having a brushed metal appearance.
I'm not aware of any special coating on these frames - that's why they get that "patina" look on them. I have zero experience trying to get these frames to "like new" condition as I usually either scrub them with a brush and call it good enough - sometimes I paint them black to get a specific look.


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And here we thought you painted them to blend into the night so they barely could be seen!


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Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I have allready disassemled it totally.
I have tried "conventional" methods like a large industrial hot pressure washer, soap and wheel cleaner for aluminum.
This left it just as it was prior to my effords, so i recon that I have to use more aggressive chemicals. I do have access to picling paste and hydrochloric acid, but I dont dare try it due to very mixed online opinions/outcomes on aluminum in general.
Elbow grease is not enough, because the slotted surface on top of the frame, makes it impossible to get all the way into the edges.
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I'm pretty sure the top does have a silver painted coating on it. I bought a pallet of those years ago to flip and some had deep scratches making it possible to see the layer of protective coating. I think Whelen did this for the purpose of keeping the top from corroding/tarnishing/ in the elements. I wet sanded them with some 600 grit sandpaper to get the scratches smooth then painted the top with Rustoleum silver metallic paint.


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We can always ask whelen what kind of coating is on there and is it ok to sand and recoat other then paint....

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