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Dec 4, 2012
near Carswell AFB, TX
If you are looking Whelen Large Slide Switch button labels, or for like-sized Whelen buttons, Federal Signal Smart Siren labels fit... and I believe it will make your PIU faster.

I looked, too, for labels for my new-to-me PIU (appropriate, and not Anti-Covid Salt Spray sticky), and also had a problem locating any. You would think a manufacturer would give these away, to prevent what happened here (yeah, that is actually Mechanical Tone...).

Moving the Whelen labels was not an option; they were stuck in place and bent when removed (unusable).

Furthermore, they are easy to remove again. Three hours after I took this picture, this PIU was taken out by a drunk driver. It was blocking the road for another DWI investigation, so it sacrificed itself for good reason... they would have been run over.

Anyway, fingernails were able to remove all of the precious labels before the wrecker took it away, and they are ready for the next.


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