Whelen LAW2CC or Vertex???


Jun 11, 2010
Houston, Texas
So....New Tahoe PPV is here. It actually came with the built in HLF and TLF so I'm not 100% sure on doing this, but I was wondering what the thoughts were on putting the LAW2CC kit in the daytime running light spot (which is deactivated).

I'm not sure if it's worth the extra and someone said something about the LAW bulbs were burning out more often. I was debating LAW2CC or the Vertex in the rear instead of using the stock flasher because I don't want white flashing to the rear and the LED offers more pattern options and colors.

Anyone know much about the LAW2CC kits? Some of the local Tahoe's I've seen have the complete tail/turn replacement system from whelen but I don't want to do that because of the price. I can get the LAW2CC for 150 and the Vertex for 110....just looking for the opinions of them.

Fast LT1

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May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
IMO you should go with axixtech tri's, they are about 1/2 the price and have better output IMO that is!


May 24, 2010
Vertex. Although the LAW is brighter Whelen stopped making them since they burn out. I have 2 pairs of LAW's where all but one strip of the LED's stopped working. I sent one set back to Whelen and they replaced it. I still have White LAW's in the corners of my POV and in one only one strip is woking. I just have not had the time to take it out and send it back. I would not buy Whelen LAW's again.


Jun 11, 2010
Houston, Texas
OK thanks, I actually replaced all of my turn signals on my motorcycle with the axitech. I have one pair for the left and the other for the right, it's pretty nice because they're brighter and from the side they alternate front to back....and when I turn them both on at the same time I have hazard lights!

I'm just looking at Whelen because well, they're the big dogs and the majority of my stuff has been Whelen. I can understand the LAW burning out. That is a lot of light and I'm sure it gets really hot. I guess I'll go with the LINZ6 and hold off on any led haws for now.... we'll see. Thanks for the opinions


Jul 17, 2010
I have a LAW4RRBB in the front and a LAW2RB. I've had to replace all the blues TWICE because of the leds burning out. Every six months I would lose two strips of 3 on each blue. Never had a problems with the red. They are bright (12 LEDs per bulb). I've seen the Vertex's and they are not that bright in my opinion. The Soundoff on the other hand...just as bright as the LAWs in my opinion. I know they only have 6 leds in each bulb like the vertex but the really do shine like the LAWs. And and inline flasher...can't beat it. Price is good too.

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