Whelen Liberty change pattern help

There seems to be a different board inside my Whelen Liberty. Anyone knows if it's possible to change the patterns with this board? can't find the purple/white cable for changing. Help appreciated!




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Is this a Honac/Modiforce conversion, or some other European variety? The green Hella flasher is a clue. What are the words above the numbers on the garantiesticker that is stuck to the LED flasher?


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It almost looks like a modified "Dumb" Liberty, meaning it doesnt have a full IO board. Is the build sticker still on the bottom of the bar?
The bar is R65 approved, so it is not a standard US version, distributed be the British distributor Woodway, probably rebuild by Honac for use in the Netherlands to local specifications.

I do not think anything made for local requirements will be found on their home pages.
I will suggest you to call at least Honac and ask them if they know or remember.

It is build in 2008 and my experience is that there usually are not too many persons that remember things only a few years back, but it do not cost you to much to try.

Hey, do you still looking for the answer? It is indeed a honac flasher (not even woodway). Fixed patterns so you can't change it.

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