Whelen Mini Justice Question


Oct 2, 2010
Berwick, PA
Did Whelen make two different models? I have been researching these bars and checking out a lot of videos, some bars seem to only have 4 corner LEDs and other have 8 LEDs (4 corner, 2 front/2back). I just checked two websites also, one they offered the 8 LED and other website stated it only had 4 LED panels.

FYI. Galls website is currently down and they are offering a free shipping code to make up for it.

Fast LT1

New Member
May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
cddavis said:
FYI. Galls website is currently down and they are offering a free shipping code to make up for it.

I swear galls.com must be run by ford, because its always breaking down! Seems like its down more than its up running! :lol:


Aug 14, 2010
MI, United States
John911 said:
There is the basic 4-corner model MJY**** and the stuffed magnetic mount MJEG1*.

Both of which are more expensive and less effective than the Responder LP LIN6. :roll:


May 21, 2010
USA Nashville Tennessee

Some other points to ponder in regard to your post on this topic.

I have acquired and built up a magnetic Responder LP and feel it provides great coverage, but most of my use is stationary, and I see where you are looking at the intersection coverage issues with the Justice. However, I also advocate the intersection lights being as far forward on the vehicle as possible. If not on a push-bar, then on the front fenders.

If the user has provided for intersection coverage with some of these other options, then the Responder LP may meet their needs, and when it is used as a "dismounted light" it sure takes up less trunk room than a mini-Justice.



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