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For Sale Whelen Xecutor II System for sale

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Henry455 submitted a new listing:

Whelen Xecutor II System for sale - Xecutor II System

Complete Xecutor II system, amp, control head, microphone and speaker. Included are installation and operator manuals, engineering drawing, copy of patent and sales brochures. IMPORTANT FYI

Total system weight is 38 lbs.
Will ship in 2 separate boxes
Top cover of amp has small mounting holes from a previous owner.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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You're officially selling a unicorn. Anyone who buys this will also win the PowerBall/Lotto Max and get struck by lightning a few times by flying pigs. They also might get angry late-night drunk dials from Fed Sig lawyers. The solution to any and all of the afforementioned problems is run the Xecutor tone. It'll scare away the pigs and the lawyers as they're closely related.

What a beaut! Never expected to see one on the listings, let alone in such good condition. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
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