XTS3000 CPS question?


May 21, 2010
Where in the CPS is the enable/disable for the PTT beep? I've checked radio wide, and can't find it. Is it per personality?

The portable I have now has it enabled, and I like it. I don't TX much on it, but would like to know if I ever do, mainly for open mic situations. But, would like to know how to disable it, or enable it on other radios in my fleet.
under your signaling, then MDC-1, there you can choose pre, post or pre and post. then go back to which ever channels you want it to work on. go back to your conv personality, go under signaling, then change both rx and tx to the mdc-1. thats how i do it anyways.
Just so everyone is aware, this is NOT the MDC1200 squawk. This is when the PTT is pressed, there's a single beep, like if you pushed one of the other menu or side buttons.

I'll have to check my saved codeplug for the above to see if that's it. It's not enabled on my brother's radio that I had to tinker with last week, but is on mine. I'll have to compare.
The only way to get an audible PTT beep without programming the MDC feature is to change it from a clear to secure radio under the options but if I remember correctly that will disable the scan and possibly give you a keyfail error message. Its been awhile since I have been in a 3000, so I'm not completely sure.

I'll go in and check the MDC stuff. This radio has a secure board (not sure which one). It would triple beep every so often with keyfail, which I could stand. What I couldn't stand was the digital secure squawk that sounds like the aliens in the movie "Signs", so I de-selected 'secure equipped' so I wouldn't have to hear it (I don't have access to the local key code used). I no longer have to listen to that, and the PTT beep still works. It must be something in MDC then.
LT 214, you were right. It was in the secure area, "TX clear PTT tone" enabled. Guess I'll have to put up with the occassional keyfail tones and the alien talk.

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