07+ Tahoe Specific JottoDesk


Jan 25, 2011
New York
Does anyone have any experience with the JottoDesk Console Model # 425-6112 specific to 2007+ Tahoe's.

I am trying to decide between that console and the Havis specific console.

I have been unable to find any pictures of the Jotto console installed, and unable to find any information regarding whether or not the Jotto console requires the 3 OEM lower dash switches to be relocated as it does for the Havis.

Anyone who has any knowledge of these consoles please let me know.

May 24, 2010
East Longmeadow, MA
The Jotto Desk console has space provided in the front so that the 3 OEM switches are accessible still without any removal or modification. The Havis console provides you with 10" of mounting space vs the Jotto Desk console that provides 9" of mounting space. The Jotto Desk console is 1" shorter in length to allow for the 3 OEM switches to stay in the factory location. Hope this helps.

Jeff @ EVS


May 23, 2010
Fort Worth, TX
This is an 2008 Tahoe that I setup with some equipment, the model is the same but it is higher then what they picture at Jotto. I do not know if that is in their error or early model variant. It is nice, but you loose the cup holder and cannot access the accessory plugs; which really sucks.

[Broken External Image]:http://images112.fotki.com/v503/photos/9/14219/9133622/2008Tahoe_08-vi.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://images58.fotki.com/v511/photos/9/14219/9133622/2008Tahoe_20-vi.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://images116.fotki.com/v108/photos/9/14219/9133622/2008Tahoe_07-vi.jpg


Jan 25, 2011
New York
Thank you both for the info.

My main concern with either console is that I am going to lose my cup holders :cry:

All I'm putting in the console is a cencom and CDM1250, but they talk up too much space to also put in the cup holders.

What to do....

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