12" MicroStarBar

May 21, 2010
Microman Industries 12" MicroStarBar G3



I have owned 2 of these bars for over a year now. They have been in some tough situations with me from being mounted outside the grill of my car to being in the impact area of an MVA to being dropped. They still work to this day! At this point they are mounted in the rear side windows of my car behind after market 20% window tint. Short of shining a flashlight at the place where they are mounted, you cannot see them when they are off. When i turn them on, they are extremely bright. A word to the inexperienced - these lights are more tir styled in optics. They will not do as well off axis compared to other lights, however I did not purchase them expecting off axis visibility, so I am satisfied. I absolutely recommend this product. The quality of service provided by the owner (Craig) is exceptional.

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