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    One of our long time distributors made a stock return of unsold items. In the group is a single 1282-RSP Red Spitfire Dome RV25/45/46. We are currently determining fair way to sell the dome and will update this thread later when we have a plan.
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    There were also some 1245-C Clear RV25 Domes in the return. They had previously been marked as discontinued. They will be made available, I need to get the count of how many before they get posted. (Edit: There are 13)
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    Interested in the spitfire!
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    Also 2 NOS factory originals on ebay now.
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    One of our long time sales reps just retired this week and had a lot of samples that he turned in. We havn't gone through it yet but RV25 and RV15 Beacon. We havnt tested them yet so don't know if they work. Also got three 1245-RSP domes. RV25 sized Red Spitfire. Still working out what to do with the original dome, been real busy here and havn't had time to work on it, but will probably be adding some of these new items to that.
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    Don't keep teasing us!!!
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