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'17 Dodge Charger Civilian Model

Hey guys - looking for some ideas for my POV which as stated is a 2017 Dodge Charger SXT (civilian model). I currently have an assigned FD vehicle, but it's a 2000 Crown vic that honestly is on its last leg. I've worked out a deal with my department that will allow me to, if I want, to use my POV as my primary response vehicle. That being said, I already have it setup but it's pretty basic. I've got a Feniex Fusion ILB along with a ERM flasher on the front LED DRLs. The rear I've got a Feniex Cobra 800 on the rear deck and another ERM flasher that flashes the brake and reverse lights.

If I start setting this up to be a primary response vehicle - what do yall recommend adding from here? We really only have one major intersection that I have to clear so I would need good side coverage. As for siren - I currently have a Soundoff nErgy 400 dual tone control box that does the lights and siren control. I'm not real sure where I could mount that in the charger.

Any suggestions or ideas yall may have I'm open to hear. If any of you have done an install on a civilian model charger, I'd like to see them. Pretty much everything on youtube are the police package chargers which are a bit different when it comes to installing equipment on them, so they're not that much of a big help. Also, i won't be adding any kind of push bar. this is still my POV so I'd like it to remain as low profile as possible.

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