1990 crown vic LAPD resto/mod

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  1. 2004p71

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    Some of you may alredy know that I owned a 1990 crown vic for many years. The original plan was to make it a replica of a LAPD but the lack of time and mechanical issue but this whole project on the back burner.


    This was the last time I drove it

    Long story short I got a 2006 police interceptor last year as a donnor car for this project.


    The plan is to swap the frame and drivetrain. The 1990 needed extensive repairs on the frame and the 5.0 and aod left alot to be desired.Being extremely familiar with the newer gen I decided to swap the 1990 body on a 2006 frame and engine to get the best of the two world :)
    The 2006 has been parted out and the engine and frame are awaiting outside

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  2. 2004p71

    2004p71 Junior Member Silver Level Member

    things got real today !

    I'm overal satisfied at the body condition all around..gotta keep in mind that car is 26 year old but still worth saving it .






    driver side floorboard will need to be fix again


    rear driver side trunk mount need to be replaced


    usualy frame damage on that gen


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  3. jph2

    jph2 Senior Member

    Quite the project right there. Clearly a labor of love. Looking forward to seeing the finished product one day. :)
  4. 2004p71

    2004p71 Junior Member Silver Level Member

    oh it is quite a project and hopefully it's back on the road next year
  5. FCV96

    FCV96 Junior Member

    Good luck - the LTD Crown Vics were always some of my favorites.
  6. kitn1mcc

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    CHIEFOPS Senior Member

    I owned a factory-ordered 1990 Crown Vic P72, that was a fun car. The newer powertrain should offer some performance improvement.
  8. 2004p71

    2004p71 Junior Member Silver Level Member

    oh it will for sure . I know them inside out so i'm gonna make sure I have the right mods added to it to make it more fun. There are not any real police car show or anything like that around here but there is a local track that I would like to go with the car and drive it hard with lights and sirens :D
  9. Doyle257

    Doyle257 Site Regular

    might be enough room under the LTD hood to add a supercharger without body mods... :rolleyes:
  10. 2004p71

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    well I have a 450 hp 442 lbtq 5.4 engine in my other car that I have been thinking of swapping into the ltd but I dont know yet .. i just want to be able to drive the car this year as the other car took me 3 years to built .
    it would be hell of a car , a sick look and a drivetrain able to kick some but.... still not decided yet

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  11. 2004p71

    2004p71 Junior Member Silver Level Member

    well guys I pulled the plug on this project. Time and motivation being an issue I sold it to someone who will continue this project. IT,s been a fun car for the short period of time it,s been on the road but time to move on to something else.

    afarm4.staticflickr.com_3576_3827286830_f6463f9ed6_b.jpg DSCN0219 by p71c1, on Flickr
    afarm3.staticflickr.com_2526_3827286840_aa418cd78f_b.jpg DSCN0221 by p71c1, on Flickr
    afarm5.staticflickr.com_4391_37330821895_3367bda16a_k.jpg DSC02178 by p71c1, on Flickr
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  12. Station 3

    Station 3 Forum Guru

    What did you do with the lightbar on the white vic.. I love Code 3 Exaliburs I been looking for one.
  13. 2004p71

    2004p71 Junior Member Silver Level Member

    I still have it but beside the domes and frame nothing else is original.This bar was outfited with leftover module found in the shop. If I can find some time I will do something cool about it but it,s on the back burner for now.

    as far as the aerodynic and unitrol siren it,s all going on another project !!! stay tuned :)
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  14. 2004p71

    2004p71 Junior Member Silver Level Member

    last fall I end up putting my hands on this very nice 1997 crown victoria !

    Bought it for a whooping 600$ just so I can drive it this winter while my other car is getting repainted and then I will repaint that one black and white and install my aerodynic and unitrol siren in it . Not going to do much on it as far as modification, I have learned my lesson with my last lapd project with my 1990 !





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  15. dg0223

    dg0223 Member

    I'm confused. So far, you're 0 for 2 on the projects you were working on, but you mention a third car that's being painted in addition to the 1997 that you mounted the lightbar on. Are you going to restore the 1997 to make it look like an LAPD car, or are you going to restore the third car you mentioned to make it look like an LAPD car?
  16. 2004p71

    2004p71 Junior Member Silver Level Member

    Yeah it gets confusing .

    I currently have 2 cars;
    1- 04 crown vic 5.4 engine 5 speed manual trans I do drag racing with it but it,s currently being repainted as we speak.
    2-1997 crown vic plain white jane that is currently the daily driver but when my first car is ready I will paint the 1997 black and white for the lapd replica.

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