1996 Ranger Lighting Ideas


May 26, 2010
Fargo, ND
Ok. So on my 96 Ranger i am thinking that i do not want a lightbar. I am liking the idea of doing all interior lighting. Here is what i am thinking for a setup, and input/ideas/changes would be great. Mind you i have to be able to run ambers alone so some things may be funny as to using individual light heads over a 2 head deck light. Ambers and HAWs will be on one switch, Blues on another. B/A split grille lights will be on the blue switch. Truck does have a topper.


-Axixtech MiniXtreme 4's Amber/Blue Split in grille (2) - Done

-Axixtech Stealth Visor 56 setup BBBABBABBB

-Whelen Innerbeams Blue (2)

-Axixtech TRI HAW LEDs in Corners (like the single flasher for 2 head setup, less wiring=cleaner install)

Side: installed on the forward side window on topper

-Axixtech Minixtreme 6's Blue Split

-Axixtech Minixtreme 6's Amber Split


-FedSig CUDA 33 inch Traffic Advisor - Done

-Axixtech Minixtreme 6's Blue Split (1 on each side of TA)

-Axixtech Minixtreme 6's Amber Split (Below Blues on each side of TA)

-Axixtech TRI HAW LEDs in Reverse Lights

-Whelen LINZ6 Blue Split on Vertical License plate bracket

Biggest issue I am worried about is adequate side warning. I should have enough front and rear, I also don't want to drown out the TA with too much going on in the rear. I will take pictures in the daylight tomorrow and photo shop in the lighting.

cory y

May 21, 2010
Thats a ton of lighting....

why are you doing the solid color split lights? having a single color split makes them twinkly and not a well defined flash like a solid head does


May 26, 2010
Fargo, ND
doing splits so there is not a blank in lighting. we have morons around here that even when you have a ton of lighting dont see you. we had one person pull up behind a truck that had a TA going an all lighting and jsut sat there honking expecting us to move. PD around here is even having problems.... I like the patterns on the splits seeing how if i need to just run amber, its always lit up. And with the splits, if i dont like the split, i can make them singles with a different flash pattern. We have certain situations where we only run amber and not blues. If i was only running both at the same time all the time i would just use single colors as you can just alternate heads and have no dead periods. Being visible is key especially in the middle of blizzards up here.


May 21, 2010
Whatever you do, don't use split patterns on the same lighthead in the same color. May seem cool, but from a distance, in looks like a little blob doing the hula. Crappy. Solid flash for the most punch.

I'd ixnay on the ambers on the rear. You already have the TA. It's redundant.

The Stealthvisor, while a nice light, is a PITA to mount. I've tried. Also, you're aware you can't turn on the amber separate from the blue? Honestly, I'd just go with a dual Talon or Avenger about the RVM. Maybe 2, one mounted to each inner visor clip.

You're also going to want some roof bar irregardless. Trust me.


May 26, 2010
Fargo, ND
I just did more looking at the stelthvisor, and i agree... looks like a pita to install.... not really what i wanna deal with....

anyways, way too tired to think about anymore about that tonight lol, well i mean today, but for me its night. I gotta get to bed like asap. Just spent 12 hours on the ambulance. def time for sleep.

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