2004 GMC Canyon Ideas...


May 21, 2010
Greenville, IL
Ok... I bought a 2004 Canyon extended cab 4x4. Great midsized truck. I am using it mostly for Fire-Rescue-Hazmat calls on 2 different departments . But it is will also be used for LE for Reserve Police, mostly for special details and traffic on a state highway. Currently it only has the powerarc on the dash.

Blue is for fire and red will be for police with the blue used also...

Here is what I am thinking right now:



Clear strobes in upper turn signals

Red/Blue chameleons in grille

Powerarc dl-12 blue on dash

Tomar T-led in red above RVM (it fits)


2 blue 3led pimp pods on ends of running boards

1 red in center of running boards


2 single blue talons in upper corners of window

1 single red in center of window

911ep TD in Amber on bottom of window

2 blue pimp pods under tailgate

traffic backer or strobes in taillights???

Siren will be my Wheleln Alpha 12Q. Yes I know people will bitch with it in "Q" mode for police work, but I do not care. Thats what it is going to be.......

I'm open to ideas for changes. I already have all the stuff except the corner strobes, and red talon, but they are coming. Ideas Ideas Ideas... lets here them.....

[Broken External Image]:http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff67/chief-homer/Mobile Uploads/jpeg_reencoded.jpg


May 24, 2010
I would get somthing on the roof. A minibar would look good. If your getting a Talon you can get the Avenger its the new version and its brighter. I love the Q siren I use it all the time for EMS response with my 1510 Grover.


May 21, 2010
Greenville, IL
JaBradt85 said:
Thats quite the list of stuff. I have a Colorado and that is going to fill your inside up to where you wont be able to see.

Really? I wouldn't think it would be too bad.I did a mock-up the other night and it looked just fine.

As far as a mini bar, I am trying to stay away from a lightbar on the truck. It has been thought about, but just want to try something different with this one.


May 26, 2010
New York & Florida
i think it sounds like a solid setup. i'd def. consider moving one of the running board pimp pods up further towards the front for intersection visibility.

altho i think the setup sounds perfectly fine, a variation of it that i'd consider would be moving some of the talons and the t-led around (i personally would put 1 red and 1 blue talon up front on each side of the RVM and then move the t-led to face the rear on a slow flash pattern. then u could play around with the 2nd/extra blue talon that you'd have laying around.)

gfpd26 said:
traffic backer or strobes in taillights???

imo, depends on the budget...if i could afford it, i'd do HAWs b/c of the punch, but at the same time, the TLF would be sufficient (imo) b/c u have the other sources of rear lighting.

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