2004 Honda Fit Rapid Response POV


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May 24, 2010
Hi from Austria :cool: !

Now here's my ride. Since this is a mainly privately used vehicle, all warning equipment components were installed just nice and simple without drilling holes, etc.

Over many years, my biggest concern was an easy way of dual-color-lighting. For jobs that require just stationary warning - amber, emergency response - blue. There are some dual-color-items on the market, but none of them really met my needs: I did not want to install a full-sized-lightbar (since the car is mostly used for private issues, I don't really want to have an "officially" looking vehicle all the time when it's not really needed ;) ), there were no dual-color-beacons on the market, and the only blue/amber light I would use for a couple of years (Axixtech Xtreme Micromax) has a very unhandy way of changing the light color - pushing the "flash pattern"-button three times quickly, waiting for a moment, repeating that process - done. (However, if the pattern-switch got pressed too slowly/quickly, it was the pattern that changed but not the color... :x )

Finally, over here we are not allowed to run slicktop-vehicles, there needs to be some "true" 360° warning. And I was fed up with carrying a blue and an amber beacon with me all the time.

So I had to go my way and find a concept of a suitable, handy beacon with the possibility to change the light color easily, just by a single rocker switch.

The result was a preliminary model of a beacon with a strong magnet and a cig-lighter-plug with a 3-way-rocker switch.

For additional warning especially during emergency rides, I'm still using the Xtreme MicroMax behind my RVM, and for increased (stationary) amber warning there's a Whelen Slimlighter in the rear window.

Let's see if that new beacon will do its job. :D I'm really curious about it.

Here are a few pics; more + video soon to come.

[Broken External Image]:[URL]http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/8530/dsc0037k.jpg[/URL]

[Broken External Image]:[URL]http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/1083/dsc0060bb.jpg[/URL]

[Broken External Image]:[URL]http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/3474/dsc0078kcq.jpg[/URL]
tcfd823 said:
looking good, Gerald!
Who would have really dared to expect that - ... After hours of funny and confusing "talking at cross purposes" communication with the supplier?! :mrgreen: :twisted:
At the moment, it's a preliminary model. During the following weeks (or months), there will be a range of tests carried out to check if that beacon meets the requirements, and which rework may be needed respectively. Afterwards I will decide about introducing that to the market.
Well, dual color technology is now widely spread, so it should be no problem... except for the E65 homologation maybe ! ;)

I agree, you need grille LEDs... Get the chameleon from Axixtech !!
TheGatekeeper said:
except for the E65 homologation maybe ! ;)
That's a big issue, I know. But there are some possibilities to get dual-color-products through ECE-R65. I'm working on that. ;) By then, special approvals and exemption certificates have to do the job. :twisted:

As for the grille lights: I would think about that for quite a long time but wasn't sure if that really will look good on a Fit. But yes, it's still something to consider maybe.

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