2009 f-150 fx4


May 23, 2010
Guthrie, OK
Finally got around to adding me new rear lights in the window. I guess I'll finally post some video and pics.

2009 Ford F-150, 4x4 FX4

Front: Whelen Inner Edge with 10 LINZ6 LED's in R/B, 2 split R/B LINZ6's on Ranch Hand brush guard and C/C LAW in fog lights

Rear: 2 split R/B LINZ6's on license plate bracket, C/C Vertex's in reverse lights and custom deck lights in rear window made from 6 Tomar RECT-13's (3 on each side....R/B/R and B/R/B)


Will add daytime and front video's along with pics as soon as I can. I'm going to add 2 more of the Tomar RECT-13's to the upper part of the rear window in the next few weeks.
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May 23, 2010
Guthrie, OK
Ha thanks!....those are actually OLD pics. That console was powdercoated to match my old F-250 that I had. This F-150 has the shifter console so I've got some creative mounting going in this. I'll take some pics. I took the lid off my center console and have three radios mounted in it using a Havis console plate made for the 04-08 F-150. I've got all the blinkies and siren running off a Carson 1022 handheld.

I ended up painting the console dark grey and it's installed in my FD-issued Suburban now.


May 26, 2010
New York & Florida
looking at the lighting list, it looks like u have a nice setup. i assume the linz6's are forward facing on the ranch hand? if so, i'd def. consider adding a pair of them or the rect13's on the sides of the brush guard for intersection/side warning ;)

PS. i love the old beige console too.

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