2010 Explorer RVM auto-dimming power wire?


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May 20, 2010
east of Cleveland
I've got a Nova preemption strobe mounted behind the RVM on my Explorer. The location is perfect - out of my line of sight, not on the dash to block the defrost vents, etc. Problem is, the Nova blocks the light sensor on the back of the mirror, so it thinks its night time all the time and stays dimmed even in the middle of the day. Coupled with the tint on the back window, I can't see shyt out the rear window anymore.

Pulling the fuse isn't an option, because it also powers other interior lights and such. I can't unplug the entire cord from the mirror because I the mic for the hands-free phone thingy is in the mirror. What I want to do is figure out which of the multiple wires going into the plug that connects to the back of the mirror is the power lead for the auto-dimming feature. Snip that and everything else would still work fine. I don't need the auto-dim feature - with the tint on the back window it isn't necessary at night anyway.

Any help in determining the correct wire would be greatly appreciated.

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