2011 Camero


May 31, 2010
USA, TX/South
Has anyone done a lighting package on one?

We just got two brand new black SS for use in our highway interdiction unit. The windows will be tinted dark and ghost decals.

I was thinking of a SOS Ultralite 12 on the rear deck and a SOS Ultralight 8 on the front windshield all in Red/Blue

Anyone have any other suggestion or photos?

May 22, 2010
Central WV
I'd add a pair of Predator IIs or Ghosts behind the grill for the front since the UltraLite 8 will be up in the front headliner. Put the UltraLite 12 in the rear headliner and add a pair of Universal Undercovers to the brake lights.

You might also want some side lighting, so you could do some Ghosts on a 10-75 intersection bracket and some Ghosts in the side windows. One of the new 385 handheld sirens would work well in terms of controlling your rear TA and save space upfront. The 100H speaker would also probably be your best bet in terms of speakers to mount behind the bumper.

That would give you a pretty good all around package and still be completely concealed to remain stealth to other motorists on the highway.

PM me if you need any equipment or if you have any questions.

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