2014+ Silverado/Sierra Mounting

There are not a lot of options for the 2014+ Silverado/Sierra Trucks and being the perfectionist I am I figured I would make something.

Many of the commercial consoles will work just fine in these vehicles but then you loose access to the center seat lockable storage compartment, flip down storage box, 110V outlet and 12V Plug. The beauty of this method is NO DRILLING into the floor or dashboard and you still have full access to the OEM items listed above.

I started with the RAM-VB-191 No-Drill™ Laptop Base for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with 40/20/40 bench seat  and added an 11x14 piece of stock I had laying around the shop. I ended up using the pre-stamped holes on the RAM-VB-191 to begin mounting the plate and I didn't want visible nuts on the top of the plate. I used the RAM-VB-191 and matched up 3 moutning holes, two on the far edges, one in the middle front. (See picture) After drilling the three mounting holes I tapped them (so they could be secured from the bottom without the need for nuts on the top.) This provides a very strong mounting base with no need for nuts on the surface.

The RAM-VB-191 does not allow the RAM-VP-SW1-89 to be mounted to the extreme right (passenger side). You can offset it but then only the left side of the base is mounted and being the perfectionist I am, this was unacceptable. (Don't worry, there is an airbag disconnect switch for the passenger side) With my modifications and the addition to the plate, the Laptop Base is right justified and is secured via all four mounting holes. Take a look at the attached picture, the highlighted area shows where I mounted the pole and drilled the extra holes. To clarify, two of the mounting holes (left side) were provided by RAM, the other two were drilled and tapped by me. All four mounting holes for the SW1-89 are secured through the  custom plate and sandwiched to the VB-191. If you look closely you will notice I did not use the RAM provided nuts and bolts as I wanted to use high-strength allen head bolts.

I used a commercial guillotine cutter to cut a piece of automotive carpeting to the exact dimensions of the square plate. The guillotine provides a very clean, sharp and precise cut. I realize most people don't have one of these machines laying around but you could used a carpet knife or sharp utility knife (and then fold the edges underneath the plate to hide any imperfections. Just make sure you leave about 1.5" on each side to allow for the overlap. I then used contact cement on both the plate and the cut automotive carpet waited about 30 minutes for them to dry and then adhered the two. I used a heavy iron plate to make sure the two surfaces adhered well. Now the plate matches the interior of the truck and covers the holes on my orphaned plate. Because the carpet was cut to the exact dimensions of the custom plate I painted the edges black.

I mounted my CDM1250 and Feniex 4200 to this. I chose the 11x14 piece because I wanted the option to add something to the plate later on.

All together I have maybe 4-5 hours in this project but I'm happy with the outcome.


top base.jpg

finished product 2.jpg

drilled holes.jpg

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