2015 Silverado POV

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  1. CEVS

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    2015 Silverado FF POV

    Install Includes
    -Feniex Apollo Front Innerbar Blue/White
    -Dual stacked Feniex T6 grille lights in blue.
    -Feniex Cannons in Blue/White in the reverse and cargo lights
    -Whelen PCC8R Controller.

  2. crt6mrt-265

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    Almost the same setup I have on mine!! the only thing is I externally mounted my grill lights, because areas of the lights were getting blocked by the grill.  Any interior shots of the controller?

    Very nice and simple for a NJ Vollie!!
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  3. CEVS

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    I would have preferred that as a portion of the light is blocked, however they wished to maintain the stealthier look.  They are still extremely bright as is.  I do not have any interior pics but the controller is mounted on a blank spot of the dash to the left of the steering wheel, not really a fan of the controller but customer had it from their past vehicle.  
  4. pdk9

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    Nice truck!

    I do appreciate the larger footprint of the double stacked T6 for a truck/SUV grill, but I wonder if it would've been better to have 2 adjacent T6 on each side of the Chevy logo to minimize output being blocked.  I also would've flashed the Apollo bar so that the entire side flashes each color as a whole (i.e. Drivers side all blue > passenger side all blue > drivers side all white > passenger side all white, etc).

    Have you considered a cobra 600 on the rear headliner?  Maybe something like BBAABB to have a larger footprint to the rear while responding than the LAWs (especially during the daytime when they're slightly less noticeable)
  5. CEVS

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    The other plan was to put two T6's on each side of the Chevy logo and alternate them.  IMHO, would have worked out better but that would have required some trimming of the grille and the customer was not keen of that yet.  The other mode of the Apollo bar is set to alternate left and ride as solid blue, however there is a flash pattern change switch as well.  I much rather alternating left and right but.........

    I would prefer the Cobra 600, however rear warning is not really that crucial as responses are just to the customers firehouse, no traffic blocking etc, so even the Cannons are a bonus. 
  6. crt6mrt-265

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    I want a cobra in my rear window, but I have the power rear window, so between the track and the window split in three sections, it is near impossible to mount anything back there and keep it a family truck where people can sit back there and not hit their heads.

    I have my generic switch panel in the same little cubby hole!! perfect straight line to the fuse box.

    I am thinking of doing the t6's next to the chevy logo in the grill, but flush mount against the grill.
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