2017 Ford PIU headlight removal


Do I need to remove the front bumper to take off the headlights? I know there are three bolts (2 on top, 1 under), but can't find an easy way to the "under" bolt. Thanks


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There is a bolt under the front bumper cover.


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Yes, you have to remove the front bumper cover. Their is the bolt on top, one on the side behind the bumper cover, and one under the headlight towards the grille.


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Not sure if you got it yet but I've been looking and heres a video that mite help a little but apparently you have to remove front cover but its 1 entire piece so thats easy and the lens do come off the headlights, I wanna do ions or microns in them but my sport has the 2 lil amber led parking lights but sure theres a way around it. also you can change the led board for the led drl strip n replace with a RGB remote controlled multicolor led board. heres videos.

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