2017 Silverado siren speaker install

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  1. EastSide279

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    IMG_0570.JPG For those owners of a 2017 chevy Silverado with the active grill shutters who want to install a siren speaker here is a pic of where it can fit. The shutters are easy to remove and the speaker can fit on the radiator cross bar. Some trimming of the plastic needs to be done on the lower shutter next to the speaker. Stay tuned for more pics of my install. Sorry for the sideways picture. I can't rotate it for some reason.
  2. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    are you able to put the shutters back in place?
  3. EastSide279

    EastSide279 Lurking Newbie

    No. The shutters will hit the speaker. I'm planning on just leaving those shutters out of the assembly.
  4. CEVS

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    Whelen makes a vehicle specific bracket for speakers on this vehicle, just an FYI. I wouldn't leave out the shutters personally.
  5. EastSide279

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    Will the Feniex speaker fit on a Whelen bracket? Is the pattern for the bolt holes for the speaker the same? That would make things a lot easier. Thanks.
  6. FEVER

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    They do work with Whelen and SOS 100n speaker mounts
  7. EastSide279

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    Awesome, thanks for the info. That's going to be a big help and probably less holes to drill.
  8. mackgranite

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    Also see my Tahoe post;
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