2017 Tahoe Overhead Console?

I just bought a 2017 Tahoe PPV with the "LT Interior" - factory center console, etc. It looks super nice, and I want to keep it looking as "civilian" as possible. My installer pointed out an overhead console that replaces the factory overhead console, and would allow me to mount my remote radio head and siren controller pretty discreetly. It's manufactured by Troy Products.


Trouble is, it doesn't appear to have any lighting in it - so I wouldn't have any interior lights anymore. That's....kinda annoying, especially given how often I need to see paperwork and whatnot up front.

Does anyone know of any products or ways to mount my siren controller / radio in a similar way, but still keep some form of overhead lighting for the front seat?


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My guess would be most installs using this would be putting in a "ticket light" which would negate needing the overhead console lights.

First I've seen this console. I like it! Only trouble is if you have the rear tailgate and other switches overhead you loose all that by what I can see.

If you don't have any other switches you need... unless Troy accounted for them... put a ticket light in and be done with it:)

Good luck!


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I don't like taking my eyes that far off the road to operate the light/siren controller or radio, and unless the front door windows are heavily tinted that overhead console is the first thing you see looking into a full size SUV.


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You should be able to surface mount something where the "Troy Products" badge is if you remove it. You also might be able to mount Whelen OS 45 degree angle lights on both sides of the console next to the radio like lights9797 said.

If you're feeling more adventurous you could cut into the headliner and add a switched dome light like the Ford Police Interceptors have. I added a second row dome light to my 2014 Interceptor Utility and you can't even tell it's not stock.



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Not to keep it too simple, but I would put a short strip of bi-color red/clear LED'S up there... remote the switch low, and or tie it in to the door switch. I love Troys products,real strong and reliable equipment and very installer friendly

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