2017 Tahoe PPV upfit

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    Greetings all. Its been pretty busy here at our shop, but i just wanted to share a recent build we completed and are very proud of.
    This is a Build we recently completed for a local Chief of Police.
    This extremely custom build contains a wide variety of products to suit the customers needs.

    Custom leather wrapped equipment console by Commander Equpiment
    200 watt Whelen dual tone siren/lighting controller with whelen Howler.
    Whelen headlight flasher
    Feniex full front interior visor with take down flood option
    Feniex 800 rear light stick with traffic patterns
    Feniex 200's for the rear side windows and rear hatch lower window(both 200 and 800 lights can be shut off from rear of truck via rocker switch override for command post operations)
    Feniex cannons for front lower bumper intersection coverage
    Brooking Industries -commander light sticks for the front grille
    Brooking industries al6m under mirror lights (tinted by us)
    Brooking Industtries micro thin surface mount lights for under tail gate (when tailgate is open) tied into a pin switch and local interior rocker switch for override
    Firewire LED rocker lights
    Krieger 1500 watt AC power inverter with remote activaton switch
    Heise -white led strips, mounted on custom aluminum, brackets for rear cargo scene lights
    Kenwood NX5000 series dual band dual head UHF/VHF Mobile radio- with heads mounted front and rear of vehicle
    Truckvault mobile storage truck box
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    That console looks beautiful; the leather wrap makes it really look OEM!

    I think the lighting is in all the right places, but I hate the flash patterns on all the front and rear feniex/axixtech lights (I'm sure that you're just doing what the customer wanted) and I'm not a fan of the FireWire rocker panel lights. Unless going with the feniex fusion/Apollo rocker (which is a little bulky) or the Whelen tracer (which costs an arm and a leg), I prefer to just go with a few ions/microns/nforce on the running boards instead, because I don't think that any of the other rocker panel lights/kits out there are that bright or worth the price
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    Have a web link for that company?
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    The interior with that console looks sooooo nice and clean. nice build
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  7. Evtech161

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    With the Feniex 800 stick and 200 lights, they can not be synced together,so we were very limited to what we could pick for patterns. The Chief insisted on having the 200's down low, I was not a fan of it myself. We did sync the 200's with each other, I wanted some sort of uniformity in that area. The Firewire rockers, are actually very well priced, and when they are not tinted pack a heavy punch. This vehicle being a chiefs unmarked take home, he wanted very low profile, and he liked the demo we showed him in our shop. As far as the grille goes... we ran into a bunch of problems. the commander sticks are synced and tied together, but when synced they cut down the flash patterns to pick from.. we wanted unique, and different, the only other options were center out and a very strange looking 'X" pattern. This vehicle also has the new Areo Shutter, motorized vent dampers on the the front behind the grill, which really messed with our mounting options. I ended up having to custom fab some aluminum mounting brackets to make it work. It also messed with siren speaker placement, which ended up going under the front bumper on both sides. The vehicle came out very nice in the end, and was a HUGE hit on its maiden voyage during the Boston Marathon.
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  8. Video is blocked in the US :(
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    Yes, figured this out a little while ago.it was due to one of choices of music being played... the new edit will be up by tommorow, sorry for the delay
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    here is a new link to our video...
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  11. Are those roof antennas on a NMO mount? is that rail running right down the center of the roof wide enough for a NMO mount, or did you put them off center?
  12. Evtech161

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    They are on standard Laird nmo mounts.... unfortunately GM decided to put a raised rib smack down the center... so we were left with the offset.... we also thought about going on the back, with them, one on each side but that looked worse lol
  13. Yep, I'm in the same position. I have a 2017 PPV and can't for the life of me figure out why they decided to do that. It wasn't that way on the last platform.

    I ended up buying two Larsen UHF Puck-style antennas and mounting them on either side about 1/2 way back.
  14. Evtech161

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    The pucks work great but can cut down on coverage... we did his first Tahoe back in 2012 and everything was great on the center... hopefully they will correct this on the next engineering design
  15. Agreed. I had a Laird Phantom 450-470 on the roof of my last tahoe and it worked excellent - if i can get similar performance out of the puck i'll be happy.

    My department issued Motorola APX 800 mhz can reach our tower from about 20 miles away with just the rubber ducky, but they'll fire you if you lose one because it's so expensive, so I keep it locked up...not super easy access.
  16. Evtech161

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    They are a VERY expensive radio... that's what happens when you go with the "big M" they like to think its means Motorola... it really means money.

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